Wynoochee Dam

Located north of the community of Montesano, the Wynoochee Dam is an important part of the area’s electric production and outdoor recreation. This is a beautiful part of the state. This is a part of the state surrounded by many scenic areas as well as areas used for swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, rafting, backpacking, kayaking, and more. The Wynoochee Dam adds to that immensely and it and the surrounding area are well worth a visit.

Fun Facts About Wynoochee Dam

-The Wynoochee Dam was finished in 1972.

-The Wynoochee Dam is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-The Wynoochee Dam is owned by the city of Aberdeen, Washington.

-The water backed up behind the Wynoochee Dam is known as the Wynoochee Reservoir.

-There is a 16 mile long trail going around the reservoir called the Wynoochee Lake Shore Trail. It was designated a National Recreation Trail in 1979.

-Though the dam is owned by the city of Aberdeen, an agreement was reached with Tacoma Power that allowed a powerplant to be built at the Wynoochee Dam in 1994.

-You can tour the Wynoochee Dam by appointment only.

-Power from the Wynoochee Dam powerhouse can serve up to 2,100 homes per year.

-The cost of contructing the Wynoochee Dam was $24 million. The powerhouse came in with a price tag of $25 million.

-The Wynoochee Dam is 175 feet tall.

-The Wynoochee Dam measures in a 1,028 feet in length.

-At its base, below the water, the Wynoochee Dam is 146 feet wide. It is 20 feet wide at the top.

-The Wynoochee Reservoir behind the dam stretches almost four and a half miles.

-The Wynoochee Dam powerhouse is home to one single generator.

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