Tumwater Dam

Tumwater Dam

Tumwater Dam

The Tumwater Dam is located on the Wenatchee River along Highway 2 between Leavenworth in the east and Stevens Pass in the west. It has a small viewpoint area and historical marker and makes for a nice stop when traveling that route.

Fun Facts About Tumwater Dam

-The Tumwater Dam was completed in 1909.

-The Tumwater Dam is 400 feet in length.

-The Tumwater Dam is 23 feet high.

-Though very small today, at the time of its completion, the Tumwater Dam was the largest hydroelectric project west of Niagara Falls.

-The dam was constructed by the Great Northern Railway Company for the purpose of producing power for its electric locomotives traveling through the old Cascade Tunnel underneath Stevens Pass.

-Water from behind the Tumwater Dam was diverted through a penstock to a powerhouse that was located a further two miles downstream.

-Today, there is a hiking trail along the Wenatchee River that follows the route of the old penstock pipeline. This trail even utilizes a pipeline bridge with the top half cutoff as a means for hikers getting from one side of the river to the other.

-The Tumwater Dam powerhouse contained three 2,000 killowatt generators.

-The penstock pipeline that carried the water from Tumwater Dam to the powerhouse was 11,654 feet in length and had a diameter of 8.5 feet.

-The Chelan County PUD owns and operates the Tumwater Dam, having purchased it from the railroad in 1957.

-1987 saw the construction of a fish passageway to help salmon and steelhead upriver to once populated spawning grounds.

-The water backed up behind the Tumwater Dam is known as Jolanda Lake.

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