Tieton Dam

The Tieton Dam is located high in the Cascade Mountains on the east side of White Pass, on Highway 12. The Tieton Dam is built on the Tieton River and you may pass it on the way to or on the return from a visit to Mount Rainier. There are a lot of recreation opportunities in the immediate vicinity of the Tieton Dam, some of them as a direct result of the dam being there.

Fun Facts About Tieton Dam

-The Tieton Dam was completed in 1925. Construction efforts on it had begun in 1917.

-When completed in 1925, Tieton Dam was the highest earth filled dam in the world.

-At the height of the construction project, 570 men were working on the building of Tieton Dam.

-Shortly after construction had begun, it was halted due to the needs of World War I. Construction would not resume until 1921.

-The Tieton Dam is operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-The Tieton Dam measures in at 319 feet high.

-The Tieton Dam is 920 feet long.

-The water backed up by the Tieton Dam forms Rimrock Lake.

-Tieton Dam is an earth and concrete dam.

-Tieton Dam consists of 2,049,000 cubic yards of material.

-Tieton Dam is located completely within Yakima County.

-The Tieton Dam is located 40 miles west of Yakima.

-The concrete walls of Tieton Dam are anchored in bedrock more than 100 feet below the riverbed.

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