The Dalles Dam

The Dalles Dam is located just east of the scenic Columbia River Gorge and just off of Interstate 84 on the Oregon side of the river. The small town of The Dalles is located just below the dam and is home to some great viewpoints from which to see it. If you are lucky enough to visit the Dalles Dam area you will be treated to a unique landscape and beautiful surroundings. A stop in at the visitors center there is a must.

Fun Facts About The Dalles Dam

-Construction began on The Dalles Dam in 1952 and it was completed in 1957.

-The Dalles Dam touches Klickitat County on the Washington side of the Columbia River and Wasco County on the Oregon side.

-The Dalles Dam is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Power produced by The Dalles Dam is marketed by the Bonneville Power Administration.

-The Dalles Dam measures in at 260 feet tall.

-The Dalles Dam is 8,875 feet in length.

-The water backed up behind The Dalles Dam is known as Lake Celilo.

-Lake Celilo takes its name from Celilo Falls, a legendary fishing and trading spot for Native Americans that was submerged beneath the rising water behind The Dalles Dam.

-Lake Celilo runs from the back of The Dalles Dam, 24 miles up the Columbia River, to the base of John Day Dam.

-The Dalles Dam is home to 22 power producing turbine generators.

-When The Dalles Dam was dedicated in 1959, one of the featured speakers was then Vice President of the United States Richard Nixon.

-It is 192 river miles from The Dalles Dam to the mouth of the Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean.

-The Visitors Center at The Dalles Dam was built in 1981.

-At one time, tourists could ride a tour train as part of a guided tour of The Dalles Dam. That feature was discontinued as a safety measure following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

-The navigational lock at The Dalles Dam measures 86 feet wide by 650 feet long.

-The Dalles Dam is home to 23 spillway gates.

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