Salmon Lake Dam

Salmon Lake Dam is located in the community of Conconully. It sits on Salmon Creek and is part of what makes this little town and the surrounding area a great destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. When you visit Conconully, check out this little dam and how it adds to the visual beauty there.

Fun Facts About Salmon Lake Dam

-Constructed began on Salmon Lake Dam in 1919 and it was completed in 1921.

-Salmon Lake Dam is fully located in Okanogan County.

-Salmon Lake Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. The USBR still owns the dam today.

-Salmon Lake Dam is operated by the Okanogan Irrigation District.

-Located very near Salmon Lake Dam is the Conconully Dam, another part of the recreational landscape of Conconully.

-Salmon Lake Dam measures in at 54 feet high.

-Salmon Lake Dam is 1,260 feet long.

-In spite of its name, the water backed up behind Salmon Lake Dam is known as Conconully Lake.

-Salmon Lake Dam is an earthen dam.

-The main purposes of Salmon Lake Dam were flood control and irrigation storage.

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