Rocky Reach Dam

Rocky Reach Dam is located on the Columbia River near Wenatchee, just north of where the Wenatchee River flows into it. The dam is home to the very popular and extremely interesting Museum of the Columbia which is found inside the dam itself. There are also fish viewing windows, a large playground complete with climbing toys, and a cafe. The area that surrounds Rocky Reach Dam, including the city of Wenatchee, also have an awful lot for you to see and do. The dam and everything else there is well worth a visit.

Fun Facts About Rocky Reach Dam

-The first study recommending a dam in the Rocky Reach area was turned in by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1934.

-Construction began on Rocky Reach Dam in 1956.

-The town of Entiat, just upstream from Rocky Reach Dam, had to be relocated to higher ground due to the water backed up by the dam.

-Rocky Reach Dam touches Chelan County on the west side of the Columbia River and Douglas County on the east side.

-The water backed up by Rocky Reach Dam is known as Lake Entiat.

-There are 11 turbine engines located inside Rocky Reach Dam to produce hydroelectric power.

-The cost of Rocky Reach Dam’s construction was $273.1 million.

-In 2003, a juvenile fish bypass system was completed. Part of this project is visible as the long pipe that extends across the face of the dam and empties a short distance downstream.

-Rocky Reach Dam and some of the workers who work there were featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs hosted by Mike Rowe.

-Rocky Reach Dam is located 215 river miles below the Canadian border.

-Water flowing through Rocky Reach dam flows another 473 miles in the Columbia River before it reaches the Pacific Ocean.

-Rocky Reach Dam contains 12 spillway gates.

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