Priest Rapids Dam

Priest Rapids Dam is located off of Highway 243 in Central Washington, a popular north-south route through the region. It is the last of the upper Columbia River dams and is surrounded by rich agriculture. A drive through this part of the state can be a real treat during the summer. Make sure to stop off at any of the local fruit stands while going through there too.

Fun Facts About Priest Rapids Dam

-Construction began on Priest Rapids Dam in 1956 and it first opened in 1959, becoming fully completed in 1961.

-Priest Rapids Dam measures in at 178 feet tall.

-Priest Rapids Dam is 10,103 feet long.

-Priest Rapids Dam touches Yakima County on the west side of the Columbia River and Grant Count on the east side.

-The water backed up behind Priest Rapids Dam is known as Priest Rapids Lake.

-Priest Rapids Lake extends 18 miles behind the dam, right up to the Wanapum Dam.

-Priest Rapids Dam is home to 10 turbine generators.

-It is 397.1 miles by river from Priest Rapids Dam to the mouth of the Columbia River at the Pacific Ocean.

-The dam is named for the Priest Rapids, a popular local fishing area and landmark that is now submerged beneath the water backed up by the dam that shares its name.

-Priest Rapids Dam is operated by the Grant County PUD.

-Though it produces hydroelectricity and enhances outdoor recreation, the original plan for Priest Rapids Dam concentrated on its flood control benefits

-Immediately downstream from Priest Rapids Dam is a section of the Columbia River known as the Hanford Reach. This is the last natural flow, non-tidal, section of the Columbia River inside the United States.

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