Pinto Dam

Pinto Dam sits in Central Washington and is an important part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project which supplies irrigation water to an extremely productive agricultural area. There are a few historical markers and a boat ramp available if you visit Pinto Dam, as well as an interesting rocky shoreline to explore. It can be reached from Highway 28 in the eastern part of Grant County. There are also other recreational opportunities in the surrounding vicinity too.

Fun Facts About Pinto Dam

-Pinto Dam was part of a project of the United States Bureau of Reclamation and was completed in 1948.

-The water held back by Pinto Dam is known as Billy Clapp Lake.

-The original name for Pinto Dam’s reservoir was Long Lake Reservoir but was later named to honor Billy Clapp who had long been one of the sponsors of the project.

-Pinto Dam measures in at 130 feet high.

-Pinto Dam is 1,900 feet long.

-Pinto Dam is bordered on its eastern side by the Stratford Wildlife Recreation Area.

-Immediately below the dam is another lake, Brook Lake.

-Pinto Dam is an earthen dam.

-The nearest towns to Pinto Dam are Stratford and Wilson Creek.

-The water that passes through Billy Clapp Lake and Pinto Dam has traveled roughly 12 miles through canals, siphons, and tunnels on its way there from Dry Falls Dam and Banks Lake.

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