Mossyrock Dam

Mossyrock Dam spans the Cowlitz River and is located along Highway 12, west of Mount Rainier National Park. Mossyrock Dam has a unique look to it and is very impressive to see. It also contributes to the scenery and outdoor recreation possibilities in the surrounding area. When you visit Mossyrock Dam you will be in for a real treat.

Fun Facts About Mossyrock Dam

-Construction began on Mossyrock Dam in 1965 and the dam was completed in 1968.

-The entire cost of the construction of Mossyrock Dam was just over $117 million.

-Mossyrock Dam is operated by the City of Tacoma.

-Mossyrock Dam is a concrete arch-gravity style of dam.

-Mossyrock Dam measures in at 606 feet tall.

-At 606 feet tall, Mossyrock Dam is the tallest dam in the state of Washington.

-Mossyrock Dam is 1,648 feet in length.

-The water backed up by Mossyrock Dam is known as Riffe Lake.

-Mossyrock Dam is located within Lewis County.

-Approximately 40% of Tacoma Power’s electricity is supplied by Mossyrock Dam.

-Construction of Mossyrock Dam was delayed nearly 20 years due to opposition from local fishermen and the Washington State Game Department.

-Mossyrock Dam is home to two power generating turbines.

-Mossyrock Dam has three penstocks that carry water straight to the powerhouse. One of those penstocks is empty though as the dam has additional space for one more generator than it currently uses.

-Mossyrock Dam’s two turbines were upgraded and replaced in 2009 and 2010 by GE Energy.

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