Lower Monumental Dam

Lower Monumental Dam sits on the Snake River in Eastern Washington, near the town of Kahlotus. It is accessible from the north via Highway 263. It is possible to navigate through the dam via the lock navigation system along the southern bank of the river. This is a cool place to come see for yourself because the deep blue river and large concrete structure is offset by its remote location. Another cool part about Lower Monumental Dam is that, with certain restrictions, it is possible to drive across the top of the dam to get from one side of the river to the other. It really is worth a visit.

Fun Facts About Lower Monumental Dam

-Construction started on Lower Monumental Dam in the summer of 1961. It was completed in 1969.

-Lower Monumental Dam stretches across the Snake River and touches both Franklin and Walla Walla counties.

-Lower Monumental Dam measures in at 100 feet high.

-Lower Monumental Dam is 3,791 feet in length.

-The operator of Lower Monumental Dam is the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-The water backed up by Lower Monumental Dam is known as Lake Herbert G. West.

-Lake Herbert G. West extends 28 miles behind Lower Monumental Dam.

-Lower Monumental Dam features six power producing turbines.

-It’s 41 and a half miles from Lower Monumental Dam to the mouth of the Snake River where it meets the Columbia River.

-Lower Monumental Dam is home to eight spillway gates.

-The navigation lock at Lower Monumental Dam measures in at 666 feet long and 86 feet wide.

-Boats and barges entering the navigational lock at Lower Monumental Dam are raised and lowered 100 vertical feet to get past the dam.

-Located directly south of Lower Monumental Dam is Lower Monumental State Airport.

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