Long Lake Dam

Long Lake Dam sits on the Spokane River, roughly 30 miles northwest of the city of Spokane. The dam has a very unique and old look to it, featuring interesting industrial architecture. There is even a great viewpoint that shows off some wonderful shots of the entire project. A visit to Long Lake Dam and the surrounding area treats you to a very cool and seldom seen part of the state of Washington.

Fun Facts About Long Lake Dam

-Long Lake Dam opened in 1915.

-Long Lake Dam was built by Washington Water Power.

-Long Lake Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-Long Lake Dam measures in at 213 feet high.

-Long Lake Dam stretches 593 feet in length.

-Long Lake Dam spans the Spokane River and touches Lincoln County on one side of the river and Stevens County on the other.

-The water backed up on the Columbia River behind Long Lake Dam is known as Long Lake. It stretches for 23.5 miles.

-Long Lake Dam is home to four turbine generators for power production.

-Long Lake Dam has a hydroelectric generating capacity of 71 megawatts.

-Once Long Lake Dam was built, it ended salmon access to the upper Spokane River. 27 years later, the construction of Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River would eliminate salmon access to that part of the state.

-1988 would see Long Lake Dam added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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