Little Goose Dam

The Little Goose Dam is located on the Snake River in Eastern Washington and is an important part of the local landscape. The dam is surrounded by farmland and lots of outdoor recreation possibilities. One of the more interesting parts of Little Goose Dams is that it is one of the few dams these days that allow visitors to drive across it. There are usually restriction on this and you may want to check ahead of time, but generally, not including federal holidays, Little Goose Dam is available for crossing once per hour every half hour. This is an underrated part of the state of Washington and a great place to visit.

Fun Facts About Little Goose Dam

-Construction began on Little Goose Dam in 1963 and it was completed in 1970.

-The United States Army Corps of Engineers operates Little Goose Dam.

-Spanning the Snake River, the Little Goose Dam touches both Columbia and Whitman counties.

-When Little Goose Dam was completed in 1970, it had three power producing generators. Three additional generators were added in 1978.

-The spillway at Little Goose Dam has eight gates.

-Little Goose Dam is a concrete gravity style dam.

-Little Goose Dam measures in at 98 feet tall.

-Little Goose Dam is 2,655 feet long.

-The water backed up behind Little Goose Dam is known as Lake Bryan.

-The navigational lock at Little Goose Dam is 86 feet wide and 668 feet long. It sits on the south side of the river.

-The nearest dam upstream from Little Goose Dam is Lower Granite Dam. The nearest dam downstream is Lower Monumental Dam.

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