John Day Dam

John Day Dam is another of the Columbia River dams that sit on the Washington-Oregon Border. John Day Dam is accessible from Interstate 84 on the Oregon side and Highway 14, the Lewis and Clark Highway, on the Washington Side. This makes for a great stop on a trip through the Columbia River Gorge on the way to or from Portland. There are plenty of park areas and scenic sights to see that it should be able to entertain anyone.

Fun Facts About John Day Dam

-Construction began on John Day Dam in 1958 and it was opened in 1971.

-The cost of building John Day Dam was $511 million.

-John Day Dam is a concrete-gravity dam.

-John Day Dam touches Sherman County on the Oregon side of the Columbia River and Klickitat County on the Washington side.

-John Day Dam measures in at 184 feet tall.

-John Day Dam is 7,635 feet long from shore to shore.

-The United States Army Corps of Engineers operates John Day Dam.

-John Day Dam is home to 16 power producing turbine generators.

-John Day Dam features fish ladders along both shorelines.

-The John Day Lock raises and lowers boats and barges 110 feet to get past the dam. This makes it the highest single lift of any lock system in the United States.

-The lock at John Day Dam is 86 feet wide and 675 feet long.

-The water on the Columbia River that is backed up by John Day Dam is known as Lake Umatilla.

-Lake Umatilla is over 76 miles in length, stretching from John Day Dam all the way to the base of McNary Dam.

-It is 216 miles by river from John Day Dam to the mouth of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.

-John Day Dam is named after the John Day River which flows in very near to its location.

-John Day Dam features 20 spillway gates.

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