Ice Harbor Dam

Ice Harbor Dam sits just northeast of the Tri-Cities in southeastern Washington. It spans the Snake River and is accessible from Highway 124 from the south and the Pasco-Kahlotus Road from the north. The Visitors Center is located on the south side of the river that is not only popular with tourists, but also with local schools who run field trips there regularly. Ice Harbor Dam is a special place and well worth a visit.

Fun Facts About Ice Harbor Dam

-Construction began on Ice Harbor Dam in 1955 and the dam was officially opened in 1962.

-The United States Army Corps of Engineers operates Ice Harbor Dam.

-Ice Harbor Dam is a concrete gravity type dam.

-Ice Harbor Dam measures in at 100 feet tall.

-Ice Harbor Dam is 2,822 feet in length.

-The water backed up by Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River is known as Lake Sacajawea.

-Lake Sacajawea stretches 32 miles behind Ice Harbor Dam, all the way up to the base of Lower Monumental Dam.

-Ice Harbor Dam is home to six power producing turbines.

-Ice Harbor Dam touches Franklin County on one side of the Snake River and Walla Walla County on the other.

-Ice Harbor Dam is named after the tiny bay of Ice Harbor where boats once waited for ice jams located upstream to break up.

-When Ice Harbor Dam was finished in 1961 it had just the first three generators. The additional three generators were added in 1976.

-The Ice Harbor Dam has 10 spillway gates.

-The navigational lock at Ice Harbor Dam measures in at 86 feet in width and 675 feet in length.

-Ice Harbor Dam is home to two fish ladders, one on each side of the river. There is also a newer juvenile fish bypass at the dam too.

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