Howard A. Hanson Dam

Located just over 20 miles east of Auburn, Howard A. Hanson Dam is built across the Green River and is an important part of life in Western Washington. This dam’s main purpose is flood control and water supply for the city of Tacoma. The dam is remotely located, hard to get to, and not open to the public.

Fun Facts About Howard A. Hanson Dam

-Howard A. Hanson Dam was started in 1959 and completed in 1961.

-Howard A. Hanson Dam is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Howard A. Hanson Dam is an earthen embankment type dam.

-Howard A. Hanson Dam measures in at 235 feet tall.

-Howard A. Hanson Dam is 675 feet long.

-At its base beneath the water, Howard A. Hanson Dam is 960 feet wide.

-At the top of Howard A. Hanson Dam, it is 23 feet wide.

-The water on the Green River that is backed up behind the Howard A. Hanson Dam is known as the Howard A. Hanson Reservoir.

-Howard A. Hanson Dam is located in King County.

-To pay for the construction of Howard A. Hanson Dam in 1955, the United States Congress appropriated $37 million, Washington State supplied $1.5 million, and King County provided $500,000 for a total cost of $39 million.

-Construction of the Howard A. Hanson Dam required nearly 14 miles of Northern Pacific Railway line to be relocated.

-While the Howard A. Hanson Dam was being built, the Green River was diverted through a 900 foot long tunnel that had a diameter of 19 feet.

-The original name of the dam was to be the Eagle Gorge Dam. In 1958 though, after it had been approved but before construction had begun, it was renamed the Howard A. Hanson Dam after one of the leaders who had championed the project from the beginning.

-The spillway at Howard A. Hanson Dam includes two spillway gates. These are used in conjunction with two other gates that control water outlet through a tunnel.

-During winter months, the Howard A. Hanson Reservoir is often nearly empty.

-Water released through the Howard A. Hanson Dam is diverted three miles downstream to a water purification facility for public consumption.

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