Horn Rapids Dam

Horn Rapids sits on the Yakima River, just prior to it reaching the city of Richland near the intersection of SR 240 and SR 225. It is a diversion dam used to supply water to local irrigation canals. The Tri-Cities is a fun destination with a lot to offer and a lot of historical locations, of which Horn Rapids Dam is one. Members of the Yakima Indian Nation continue to use the location as a historic fishing location. Traditional Native American fishing scaffolds can be seen at the dam year round.

Fun Facts About Horn Rapids Dam

-Horn Rapids Dam is also referred to as Wanawish Dam.

-The first permits were filed for a dam at the Horn Rapids location in 1889.

-The original dam at that location was completed in 1892.

-The dam was rebuilt as a more substantial piece of infrastructure in 1908.

-A flood that hit the area in 1996 severely damaged the Horn Rapids Dam that had been built almost 90 years earlier.

-1997 saw the damaged largely timber dam replaced with a concrete structure.

-Horn Rapids Dam is 12 feet tall.

-Horn Rapids Dam is 520 feet long.

-From 1944 to 1947, Columbia Camp was located next to the dam on the north shore of the Yakima River. This was a low security prison camp used during World War II.

-Columbia Camp near Horn Rapids Dam would later be used by personnel working on building levees in the area during construction of McNary Dam on the Columbia River.

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