Enloe Dam

The Enloe Dam, sometimes referred to as the Similkameen Dam, is near the community of Oroville, Washington at the very top of North Central Washington. Sitting not far from Washington’s border with Canada, Enloe Dam is pretty remote. It is rather picturesque though too. This is a part of the region that not many travelers get to see. Whether going there to experience it or as a gateway to Canada, a trip to the Enloe Dam area is very worthwhile.

Fun Facts About Enloe Dam

-Construction began on Enloe Dam in 1919 and it was finished the following year in 1920.

-Enloe Dam is operated by the Okanogan County PUD.

-Enloe Dam is a concrete gravity arch type of dam.

-Enloe Dam measures in at 54 feet tall.

-Enloe Dam is 290 feet long.

-Enloe Dam sits completely within Okanogan County.

-At its base, below the water, Enloe Dam is 41 feet wide. It is six feet wide at the top.

-Enloe Dam is named after Eugene Enloe who was the president of the Okanogan Valley Power Company at the time it was built.

-Prior to Enloe Dam being built, there was a small wooden dam in its place that had been built in 1903.

-In 1923, Enloe Dam was sold by the Okanogan Valley Power Company to Washington Water Power Company.

-1942 saw Washington Water Power Company purchased by the Okanogan County PUD, and Enloe Dam changed hands again.

-Power production ceased at Enloe Dam in 1958 when electricity became available cheaper when purchased directly from the Bonneville Power Association.

-The water backed up by the Enloe Dam extends two miles up the Similkameen River.

-Enloe Dam was home to two power producing generators.

-The old powerhouse at Enloe Dam has decayed into ruins after being abandoned.

-In 1978, the Enloe Dam was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

-The 1980s and 1990s saw the Okanogan County PUD submit multiple license requests for reactivating power generation at Enloe Dam.

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