Dry Falls Dam

Dry Falls Dam sits right near the community of Coulee City, is located in an area known as the Grand Coulee, and is very close to one of the most popular dams in the United States, Grand Coulee Dam. Dry Falls Dam has an interesting look to it and is very near to a number of great local points of interest.

Fun Facts About Dry Falls Dam

-Dry Falls Dam is a earthen dam faced with rock.

-Dry Falls Dam is located in Grant County.

-The water backed up by Dry Falls fills Banks Lake, a local recreation draw that is filled with water pumped up from Grand Coulee Dam.

-Water leaves Banks Lake, flows through Dry Falls Dam, and into the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project’s Main Canal where it is dispersed for irrigation use in Central Washington.

-Immediately downstream from Dry Falls Dam, the water enters two tunnels, that are each two miles in length, before following another 10 or more miles of canals before entering Billy Clapp Lake which is made by the water held back by Pinto Dam.

-Dry Falls Dam was completed in 1949.

-Dry Falls Dam is 9,800 feet long.

-Dry Falls Dam measures in at 123 feet high.

-Dry Falls Dam stretches across the middle of the Grand Coulee, an ancient canyon formed by prehistoric ice flows related to the flood of Lake Missoula.

-Major reconstruction of Dry Falls Dam was completed in 1981.

-Dry Falls Dam is named after Dry Falls, a unique geological area located to its immediate south.

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