Diablo Dam

Diablo Dam sits on the Skagit River and is accessible off of Highway 20. It is one of the many must visit spots on what is referred to as the Cascade Loop. There are a lot of things to do and see both at the dam, behind it, and in the surrounding area.

Fun Facts About Diablo Dam

-Diablo Dam opened in 1930.

-Diablo Dam stands 389 feet high.

-Diablo Dam is 1,180 feet long.

-Diablo Dam is located in Whatcom County.

-The project that would build Diablo Dam was started in 1917 as the building of a six mile tunnel through Diablo Canyon was undertaken.

-Power production began at Diablo Dam in 1936.

-The water backed up behind Diablo Dam is known as Diablo Lake.

-At 389 feet tall, Diablo Dam was the tallest dam in the world at the time it was completed in 1930.

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