Culmback Dam

Culmback Dam is located on the Sultan River, north of Wallace Falls State Park and Highway 2, west of the Cascade Mountains, and east of Everett. The dam is remotely located, but it is in an extremely beautiful part of the state. If you were to visit Culmback Dam and the surrounding area you would have traveled through some gorgeous scenery.

Fun Facts About

-Construction began on Culmback Dam in 1960 and it was opened in 1965.

-Culmback Dam is a rockfill dam that not only produces power but is also responsible for water storage for the majority of Snohomish County.

-Culmback Dam is 262 feet high.

-Culmback Dam measures in at 640 feet in length.

-The water backed up by Culmback Dam is known as Spada Lake.

-Culmback Dam is named after George Culmback, a one time mayor of the city of Everett.

-The Culmback Dam is operated by the Snohomish County PUD but is owned jointly by the PUD and the City of Everett.

-Water from Spada Lake is diverted at the Culmback Dam through a pipeline to a powerhouse where it is used for the production of electricity. Some of it is then allowed to reenter the Sultan River. Another portion of the water enters Lake Chaplain and becomes part of the Everett water supply.

-Culmback Dam was originally built to a height of 200 feet when it was completed in phase one of the project in 1965. Phase two of the project was completed in 1984 with the dam raised an additional 62 feet, quadrupling its water capacity.

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