Conconully Dam

Located far up in North Central Washington, Conconully Dam can be found in the community of Conconully which is a huge getaway spot for those who love the outdoors and remote areas. Conconully is a fun destination and the dam helps provide plenty of water recreation opportunities.

Fun Facts About Conconully Dam

-Conconully Dam was constructed in 1910.

-Conconully Dam sits on Salmon Creek.

-The water backed up by Conconully Dam is known as the Conconully Reservoir.

-The original height of the Conconully Dam was 70 feet at the time of it being built.

-In 1920, Conconully Dam was raised to its current height of 72 feet.

-Conconully Dam measures in at 1,075 feet long.

-The main purposes of the building of Conconully Dam was for flood control as well as irrigation storage.

-In September of 1974, Conconully Dam was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

-Conconully Dam is owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Conconully Dam is operated by the Okanogan Irrigation District.

-Conconully State Park sits on the shores of Conconully Reservoir behind Conconully Dam.

-Conconully Dam is located in Okanogan County.

-Located very near to Conconully Dam is Salmon Lake Dam.

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