Clear Creek Dam

Clear Creek Dam sits on the Tieton River and is located in the Cascade Mountains, very near to Mount Rainier and tons of recreational opportunities. You can access Clear Creek Dam off of Highway 12 near the west end of Rim Rock Lake. The dam’s main purpose is water recreation and if you like that and beautiful scenery, then it’s worth checking out.

Fun Facts About Clear Creek Dam

-Clear Creek Dam was originally built in 1915.

-The original height of Clear Creek Dam was 62 feet.

-In 1918, Clear Creek Dam was raised an additional 18 feet to its present day height of 83 feet.

-Clear Creek Dam is located completely in Yakima County.

-1990 saw Clear Creek Dam declared structurally unsafe. It was drained almost completely and reconstructed, and then refilled.

-Clear Creek Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-The water backed up by Clear Creek Dam is known as Clear Lake.

-Camp Dudley, a YMCA camp, sits on the shores of Clear Lake, behind Clear Creek Dam.

-Clear Creek Dam contains 5,800 cubic yards of concrete.

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