Cle Elum Dam

Located on the Cle Elum River, very near the communities of Cle Elum, Roslyn, and Ronald, the Cle Elum Dam is a small earthfill dam high in the Cascade Mountains. It has a unique looking spillway and a lot of fun can be had on the lake behind it.

Fun Facts About Cle Elum Dam

-Cle Elum Dam was constructed from 1931 to 1933.

-Cle Elum Dam measures in at 165 feet in height.

-The water backed up behind Cle Elum Dam increases the volume of Cle Elum Lake, a natural lake.

-Parts of the early 1990s television show Northern Exposure was filmed in the vicinity around Cle Elum Dam and Cle Elum Lake.

-Cle Elum Dam, including the dikes, consists of 1.4 million cubic yards of material.

-Cle Elum Dam is located in Kittitas County.

-Water from Lake Cle Elum passes through Cle Elum Dam into the Cle Elum River, down to the Yakima River, then into the Columbia River, and out to the Pacific Ocean.

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