Alder Dam

Alder Dam is located on the Nisqually River in Washington, south of Tacoma. Alder Dam is another of the Western Washington dams that have unique looks to them. If you are a fan of visiting dams, then this would make a great place to head to. It is also surrounded by beautiful scenery and fun things to do. You can’t go wrong visiting the Alder Dam area.

Fun Facts About Alder Dam

-Construction on Alder Dam was completed in 1945.

-Alder Dam is a concrete arch gravity dam.

-Alder Dam stretches across the Nisqually River and touches both Pierce and Thurston counties.

-Alder Dam is 1,600 feet long.

-Alder Dam measures in at 330 feet high.

-At the time of its completion, Alder Dam was one of the tallest dams in the nation. It has since been passed a number of times.

-The water backed up behind Alder Dam is known as Alder Lake.

-The vast majority of energy produced at Alder Dam is sent to the city of Tacoma.

-Alder Dam is owned by Tacoma Power.

-The closes dam to Alder Dam is LaGrande Dam which is located just two miles downstream.

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