Willow Creek Dam

Willow Creek Dam is located near the community of Heppner, in northern Oregon. The dam is within an easy drive of Hermiston and Pendleton via either Highway 207 and/or Highway 74. This is an interesting part of the state and features unique geography. There is a lot of wide open space in the surrounding area and plenty to do and see too. The area around Willow Creek Dam is a very nice stop on a road trip through the area.

Fun Facts About Willow Creek Dam

-Willow Creek Dam is on of the state’s newer dams, having been constructed between 1979 and 1983.

-Willow Creek Dam was built and is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-Willow Creek Dam is 165 feet tall.

-Willow Creek Dam measures in at 1,780 feet long.

-Willow Creek Dam is located within Morrow County.

-Willow Creek Dam was the first major dam constructed of roller compacted concrete.

-Willow Creek Dam sits, naturally, right on Willow Creek. The water it holds back behind it is known as Willow Creek Lake.

-In 1903, a major flood at the site where Willow Creek Dam now sits killed approximately 250 people which at the time was about one quarter of the community of Heppner’s population.

-Willow Creek Dam had a budget of $50 million prior to the start of construction. The project came in at a total cost of $35 million.

-Willow Creek Dam won an American Society of Engineers award in 1985.

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