Wickiup Dam

Wickiup Dam is located in the Cascade Mountains and sits right on the Deschutes River. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Oregon and is very popular with anyone who loves the outdoors. When you travel through this area, take some time to visit Wickiup Dam and the reservoir behind it.

Fun Facts About Wickiup Dam

-Wickiup Dam was built in 1949.

-Wickiup Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Wickiup Dam is an earthen dam.

-Wickiup Dam, including its earth dike, is over two and a half miles long.

-Wickiup Dam is 100 feet in height.

-The water backed up behind Wickiup Dam is known as Wickiup Reservoir.

-The water of Wickiup Reservoir has an average depth of 20 feet and a maximum depth of 70 feet.

-Wickiup Reservoir has been named the best lake for brown trout fishing in the entire state of Oregon.

-Water takes about five months to empty out of Wickiup Reservoir through Wickiup Dam after it has entered the lake.

-There were 1,852,000 cubic yards of material used in the construction of Wickiup Dam.

-The spillway for Wickiup Dam consists of an open rock cut with a concrete sill.

-Wickiup Dam sits in Deschutes County.

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