Wasco Dam

Wasco Dam is located southeast of the city of Portland, Oregon, right in the shadow of Mount Hood. This is a gorgeous area of the state and very popular with anyone who loves nature, the great outdoors, and outdoor recreation. You simply cannot go wrong with a road trip to or through the area, and if you go you should really take the time to check out Wasco Dam and the reservoir it creates.

Fun Facts About Wasco Dam

-Wasco Dam was built in 1959.

-Wasco Dam is an earthen dam.

-Wasco Dam is 59 feet high.

-Wasco Dam measures in at 415 feet long.

-Wasco Dam is 20 feet wide at the top.

-The water backed up behind Wasco Dam is known as Clear Lake.

-The Pacific Crest Trail, a hiking trail that runs from British Columbia to Mexico travels very near to Wasco Dam and Clear Lake.

-Wasco Lake is located, appropriately enough, in Wasco County.

-57,000 cubic yards of material was used in the construction of Wasco Dam.

-Wasco Dam is home to two small spillway gates.

-Due to a seepage problem on the face of the dam, 1997 saw a restriction placed on Wasco Dam that lowered the water level of Clear Lake by nine feet.

-Wasco Dam sits on Clear Creek.

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