Warm Springs Dam

Warm Springs Dam sits on the Malheur River in the central part of eastern Oregon. You can access it just off Highway 20 which is the main east-west route between Bend, Oregon and Boise, Idaho. Eastern Oregon is known for its stark desolation in areas and the area around Warm Springs Dam doesn’t disappoint. It is an area that surprises people with its interesting beauty. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area too. This is a really nice place to stop on a road trip through the region.

Fun Facts About Warm Springs Reservoir

-Construction started on Warm Springs Dam in 1918 and was finished the next year in 1919.

-The original builder of the Warm Springs Dam was the Warm Springs Irrigation District.

-The United States Bureau of Reclamation would modify, update, and improve Warm Springs Dam first in 1930 and then again in 1939.

-Warm Springs Dam is a concrete arch dam.

-The water backed up behind Warm Springs Dam is known as Warm Springs Reservoir.

-Warm Springs Reservoir travels back over eight miles behind Warm Springs Dam.

-The main fish found in Warm Springs Reservoir are rainbow trout, bass, and bluegill.

-Warm Springs Dam is 106 feet tall.

-Warm Springs Dam measures in at 469 feet in length.

-The nearest town to Warm Springs Dam is the community of Juntura.

-Just under 20,000 cubic yards of concrete was used in the construction of Warm Springs Dam.

-Warm Springs Dam spans the Malheur River and touches both Harney County and Malheur County.

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