Thief Valley Dam

Thief Valley Dam is located in eastern Oregon, in a visually stunning part of the state. This part of Oregon lacks the coastal serenity and the beautiful mountains located to the west. What it has though is a stark desolate beauty that cannot be underestimated. If you travel through the area, a stop off at the small Thief Valley Dam and its reservoir can make for a nice break. Fishing is one of the many popular activities there, as well as just exploring the countryside.

Fun Facts About Thief Valley Dam

-Thief Valley Dam was completed in 1932.

-Thief Valley Dam is a concrete slab and buttress structure.

-Thief Valley Dam measures in at 73 feet high.

-Thief Valley Dam is 390 feet long.

-Thief Valley Dam is 85 feet wide at its base underneath the water. It is seven feet wide at its top.

-Thief Valley Dam was designed by Frank Banks.

-Thief Valley Dam spans the Powder River, touching both Baker County and Union County.

-The water backed up behind Thief Valley Dam is known as Thief Valley Reservoir.

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