Round Butte Dam

Round Butte Dam is another dam located on the Deschutes River. This river winds through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. When you visit this area, check out the many state parks and scenic areas. Also check out Round Butte Dam, its reservoir, and the other dams in the area. When all of it is put together you can easily see how Round Butte Dam plays its part in this area being known as a great destination.

Fun Facts About Round Butte Dam

-Round Butte Dam opened in 1964.

-The total cost of construction on Round Butte Dam was $62 million.

-Round Butte Dam is an earthfill dam.

-Round Butte Dam is owned and operated by the Portland General Electric Company.

-Round Butte Dam measures in at 440 feet high.

-Round Butte Dam is 1,450 feet across.

-At its base below the water, Round Butte Dam is 1,570 feet wide.

-The water backed up behind Round Butte Dam is known as Lake Billy Chinook.

-The water backed up behind Round Butte Dam stretches 11 miles up the Metolius River, eight miles up the Deschutes River, and six miles up the Crooked River.

-Round Butte Dam is home to three power producing generators.

-Each of the generators located at Round Butte Dam has an energy producing capacity of 1,000 kilowatts.

-Round Butte Dam is the largest hydropower project that is located completely within the state of Oregon.

-Round Butte Dam is made up of more than 10 million tons of material.

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