River Mill Dam

River Mill Dam is located just southeast of the city of Portland and very near to the Mount Hood area. This part of Oregon is extremely cool. You can visit River Mill Dam and be within an easy drive of the kind of metropolitan attractions that Portland is famous for and also all of the incredible outdoor recreation possibilities near and around Mount Hood. You simply cannot go wrong with a visit to the River Mill Dam.

Fun Facts About River Mill Dam

-River Mill Dam was originally built in 1911.

-River Mill Dam is located in Clackamas County.

-River Mill Dam is part of the River Mill Hydroelectric Project which is listed on the United States Register of Historic Places.

-The architect who designed River Mill Dam was Nils F. Ambursen of Boston based Ambursen Hydraulic Construction Company.

-Nils F. Ambursen designed over a hundred dams during his career. River Mill Dam is the last surviving one located west of the Mississippi River.

-Puget Sound Bridge & Dredging Company was the primary builder of River Mill Dam.

-River Mill Dam’s construction was originally funded by the Portland Railway, Light, and Power Company.

-River Mill Dam, as well as the three small dams above it on the Clackamas River, is owned by Portland General Electric.

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