Pelton Dam

The Pelton Dam sits on the Deschutes River in Oregon, and as such is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the state. You can access Pelton Dam with a short visit off Highway 97 which goes north to south through the entire state. It’s near Madras, Prineville, Redmond, and even the popular resort town of Bend is not too far away. If you’re road tripping or vacationing through the area, a visit to the Pelton Dam is a nice side trip.

Fun Facts About Pelton Dam

-The Pelton Dam was opened in 1958.

-Pelton Dam is a concrete arch dam.

-Pelton Dam is owned and operated by Portland General Electric.

-Pelton Dam is 204 feet high.

-Pelton Dam stretches across the Deschutes River at a length of 965 feet.

-The water backed up behind Pelton Dam is known as Lake Simtustus.

-The water of Lake Simtustus stretches from the back of Pelton Dam, seven miles, to nearby Round Butte Dam.

-At its base, below the water, Pelton Dam is 26 and a half feet wide. It measures in at eight feet wide at the top.

-The Pelton Dam powerhouse is home to three power producing generators.

-Pelton Dam produces enough electricity to power 45,000 homes.

-There is a small regulating dam just over two miles downstream from Pelton Dam known as Pelton Regulating Dam.

-In 1982, the local Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs installed a single turbine generator at the regulating dam downstream from the Pelton Dam.

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