Oxbow Dam

Oxbow Dam is located in a popular recreation area known as Hells Canyon. When you visit this spectacular location you will immediately be impressed with the scenery laid out before you. There is a lot to see and do in the Hells Canyon are and Oxbow Dam plays an important role in that.

Fun Facts About Oxbow Dam

-Construction finished on Oxbow Dam and the facility opened in 1961.

-Oxbow Dam is owned and operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-Oxbow Dam stretches across the Snake River and touches Adams County in Idaho and Baker County in Oregon.

-Oxbow Dam measures in at 175 feet high.

-Oxbow Dam is 700 feet across.

-The water backed up behind Oxbow Dam is known as Oxbow Reservoir.

-Oxbow Dam has three spillway gates.

-Oxbow Dam is a rockfill dam.

-The powerhouse at Oxbow Dam was home to four turbine generators. In 1978, three new turbine units were added.

-The Oxbow Dam powerhouse has a power producing capacity of 220 megawatts.

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