Ochoco Dam

Located in the central region of Oregon, Ochoco Dam not only has a unique name, but is also surrounded by unique natural resources. The dam and the reservoir behind it sit east of Highway 97, west of Ochoco National Forest, and very near the community of Prineville. The communities of Madras, Redmond, and Bend are also nearby. There are a lot of fun things to do and see in central Oregon and a quick visit to Ochoco Dam and the surrounding area can make your time there a lot of fun.

Fun Facts About Ochoco Dam

-Ochoco Dam was originally built in 1920.

-Ochoco Dam was 126 feet height at the time it was built.

-Ochoco Dam sits on Ochoco Creek.

-In 1949, the United States Bureau of Reclamation replaced the original Ochoco Dam with a new structure.

-The current Ochoco Dam is an earthen dam.

-The current Ochoco Dam measures in at 152 feet high.

-Ochoco Dam is approximately 1,000 feet long.

-The current Ochoco Dam is owned by the Ochoco Irrigation District.

-The water held back by Ochoco Dam is known as the Ochoco Reservoir.

-During the 1990s, the Ochoco Reservoir was drained on two separate occasions so that modifications could be made to the dam.

-Ochoco Reservoir is home to a county park that was once known as Ochoco Lake State Park.

-In 1999, DJs at radio station KSJJ broadcasted an April Fool’s Day hoax that the Ochoco Dam had burst and was sending flooding waters downstream. Because of flooding waters from Ochoco Creek the year before, many people believed the hoax.

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