McKay Dam

The McKay Dam is located in northeastern Oregon, very near the community of Pendleton. Interstate 84 runs through the area and is a popular route in the region between Idaho and Washington. The Pendleton area is filled with fun things to do and the McKay Dam helps add to that list. Whether interested in the dam itself or the natural world that surrounds it, this is a great place to visit.

Fun Facts About McKay Dam

-The McKay Dam was built during the 1920s with construction beginning in 1923 and ending in 1927.

-The McKay Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-McKay Dam is located in Umatilla County.

-McKay Dam sits on McKay Creek.

-McKay Dam backs up water into an area known as the McKay Reservoir.

-Water from McKay Creek flows through the McKay Reservoir, out the McKay Dam, and eventually into the Umatilla River.

-McKay Reservoir is 2.2 miles in length.

-McKay Dam is an earthfill dam.

-Water can travel through the McKay Dam spillway at a rate of 27,000 cubic feet per second.

-McKay Dam is 165 feet tall.

-There are over 2,300,000 cubic yards of material in McKay Dam.

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