Link River Dam

The Link River Dam is located near Klamath Falls in southern Oregon. This small dam is an important feature in the region and has a very cool look to it. The area surrounding Link River Dam is very picturesque. With the dam being basically right in Klamath Falls, it can be very easy to access. You can have a great time stopping off at the dam or any of the nearby attractions.

Fun Facts About Link River Dam

-Link River Dam was built in 1921.

-The original builder and owner of the Link River Dam was the California Oregon Power Company.

-Link River Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-The Link River Dam controls the water level of Klamath Lake which is located behind the dam.

-Link River Dam is home to two power producing turbine generators.

-The powerhouse at Link River Dam produces 151 megawatts.

-Link River Dam is owned and operated by PacifiCorp.

-Link River Dam is 22 feet tall.

-Link River Dam is 435 feet long.

-Link River Dam is seven feet wide at the top and 12 feet wide at its base under the water.

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