Hyatt Dam

Hyatt Dam is located in very southern Oregon. It sits off of Highway 66, just east of Interstate 5 and the community of Ashland. This is an interesting part of Oregon and, like in a lot of places throughout the state, there is a lot of opportunity for outdoor recreation there. You can visit Hyatt Dam easily and if you’re a fan of dams, it is pretty interesting.

Fun Facts About Hyatt Dam

-Hyatt Dam was constructed in 1923.

-Hyatt Dam was constructed by a local irrigation district at the time.

-The United States Bureau of Reclamation updated and rehabilitated Hyatt Dam in 1960.

-The water impounded by the Hyatt Dam is known as Hyatt Reservoir.

-Hyatt Dam is located in Jackson County.

-Hyatt Dam sits on Keene Creek.

-Hyatt Dam is operated by the Talent Irrigation District.

-Hyatt Dam is an earth and rockfill structure.

-Hyatt Dam measures in at 53 feet high.

-Hyatt Dam has a length of 775 feet.

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