Hills Creek Dam

Hills Creek Dam sits in the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon, just south east from the community of Eugene. It’s accessible from Highway 58 and home to a great amount of water recreation. Highway 58 is also a scenic route across the mountains and perfect for any road trip that includes both Eugene and the Bend, Oregon area. Hills Creek Dam and the surrounding area is an important part of this area of Oregon.

Fun Facts About Hills Creek Dam

-Hills Creek Dam was constructed in 1961.

-The United States Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for building Hills Creek Dam.

-The main purpose of Hills Creek Dam was for flood control and water storage. The benefits of water recreation, hydroelectric power, and wildlife conservation are all bonuses.

-Hills Creek Dam is an earthen dam.

-Hills Creek Dam is 304 feet high.

-Hills Creek Dam is one of 13 United States Army Corps of Engineers projects in the Willamette Valley.

-The powerhouse at Hills Creek Dam is home to two generators.

-Hills Creek Dam has a power producing capacity of 30 megawatts.

-The water impounded by the Hills Creek Dam is known as Hills Creek Reservoir.

-Hills Creek Reservoir has a 44 mile long shoreline.

-Hills Creek Dam is located in Lane County.

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