Hells Canyon Dam

Hells Canyon Dam is located right on the Snake River in one of the most popular recreation areas in the region, Hells Canyon. There are a lot of reasons to head to Hells Canyon if you’re looking for a place to visit and this dam serves as a great attraction itself, as well as an important part of the landscape with the water that is backed up behind it. Hells Canyon Dam is a very cool thing to see.

Fun Facts About Hells Canyon Dam

-Hells Canyon Dam opened in 1967.

-Hells Canyon Dam is operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-Hells Canyon Dam has a height of 330 feet.

-The water backed up behind Hells Canyon Dam is known as Hells Canyon Reservoir.

-Hells Canyon Dam is a concrete gravity dam.

-Hells Canyon Dam was the third and final dam built as part of the Hells Canyon Project.

-The Hells Canyon Complex, of which Hells Canyon Dam is a part of, is the largest privately owned hydroelectric power complex in the nation.

-The contractor for the building of Hells Canyon Dam was Morrison-Knudsen. They were also involved in the building of the Hoover Dam, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

-The powerhouse at Hells Canyon Dam is home to three generators.

-The Hells Canyon Dam’s powerhouse has a generating capacity of 391 megawatts.

-When the dam opened in 1967, Hells Canyon Dam only had two generators operational. The third came online the following year.

-When a dam was originally proposed in the Hells Canyon region, it was proposed as a single 710 foot high structure. This Hells Canyon High Dam would’ve converted that entire stretch of the river into an 89 mile long reservoir and would’ve negated the building of Brownlee Dan and Oxbow Dam.

-Hells Canyon Dam borders two different states, touching Adams County in Idaho and Wallowa County in Oregon.

-The Hells Canyon Dam has three spillway gates.

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