Haystack Dam

Haystack Dam is located in the central part of Oregon, adjacent to the Deschutes River. The community of Bend is not far away and all around it there are some great outdoor recreation options. If you are driving through this part of the state, a visit to Haystack Dam is easy and fun.

Fun Facts About Haystack Dam

-Haystack Dam was built in 1957.

-Haystack Dam was built by and is operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Haystack Dam is an earthen dam.

-Haystack Dam is 105 feet high.

-Haystack Dam is 1,200 feet long.

-Haystack Dam holds water from the Deschutes River in an off stream reservoir known as Haystack Reservoir.

-Haystack Dam is a part of the Deschutes Project.

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