Gerber Dam

Gerber Dam is a historic dam, and really looks the part. This dam is very small but has a unique look to it. The dam is located about 12 miles north of the California border and is surrounded by beautiful mountain landscape. This is a very nice stop for a dam enthusiast or just someone wanting to experience a little known corner of beautiful Oregon.

Fun Facts About Gerber Dam

-Gerber Dam was built in 1925.

-Gerber Dam was built by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Gerber Dam is a concrete arch dam.

-The water that passes over Gerber Dam flows downstream into the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge in California.

-The Gerber Dam measures in at 84 feet tall.

-Gerber Dam is 460 feet long.

-The closest community to Gerber Dam is the community of Bonanza.

-Gerber Dam sits on Miller Creek.

-The water impounded by Gerber Dam is known as Gerber Reservoir.

-Gerber Dam is located in Klamath County.

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