Foster Dam

Foster Dam was designed for flood control and sits on the South Santiam River near the community of Sweet Home, Oregon. This small dam sits just east of Corvalis and Albany, right on Highway 20. If you are visiting the Salem area, a trip into the Cascades to see Foster Dam and the surrounding area can be a lot of fun.

Fun Facts About Foster Dam

-Foster Dam came into service in 1968.

-Foster Dam was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-The main purpose of Foster Dam was for flood control but it also provides electricity, irrigation, and better navigation downstream.

-The water backed up behind Foster Dam is known as Foster Lake.

-Foster Dam is home to two generators.

-Foster Dam has an electricity generating capacity of 20 megawatts.

-Foster Dam is 126 feet high.

-Foster Dam measures in at 4,565 feet long.

-Foster Dam is located in Linn County.

-Foster Dam is a rockfill dam with a concrete spillway.

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