Detroit Dam

Detroit Dam is located on the North Santiam River in the Cascade Mountains. This is another of the many gorgeous area of Oregon and the dam and the reservoir behind it are very impressive. A trip through or two this area is something that you would never regret.

Fun Facts About Detroit Dam

-Construction on the Detroit Dam was finished in 1953. Work had begun in 1949.

-The United States Congress authorized funds for the building of Detroit Dam in 1938. The project was delayed by World War II.

-Detroit Dam was built by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

-The water backed up behind the Detroit Dam is known as Detroit Lake.

-Detroit Lake has a maximum depth of approximately 400 feet and stretches upstream for more than nine miles.

-Fishing is allowed from the Detroit Dam itself.

-The powerhouse at the Detroit Dam is home to two generators.

-The power producing capacity of Detroit Dam is 100 megawatts.

-Detroit Dam measures in at 463 feet tall.

-The new town of Detroit, Oregon got its start as a community of workers from the Detroit Dam construction project. There had been a small community there before that had to be relocated due to the rising water behind the dam.

-In 2001, a long drought completely dried up the reservoir behind Detroit Dam, though there was enough water to continue flowing in the river channel and the dam itself.

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