Crane Prairie Dam

Crane Prairie Dam sits on the Deschutes River which is known throughout the Pacific Northwest for its beauty and outdoor recreation. A road trip through or visit to this area is an excellent opportunity to see what everyone loves about it. You could go there and easily spend a long weekend or more and have plenty to see and do.

Fun Facts About Crane Prairie Dam

-The original Crane Prairie Dam was built in 1922.

-In 1940, the Crane Prairie Dam was rebuilt by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-The Crane Prairie Dam is a rockfill and timber-crib dam.

-Crane Prairie Dam measures in at 36 feet high.

-Crane Prairie Dam is 284 feet in length.

-Crane Prairie Dam contains just over 30,000 cubic yards of material.

-The water backed up behind Crane Prairie Dam is known as Crane Prairie Reservoir.

-The Crane Prairie Reservoir is now one of the state of Oregon’s largest rainbow trout fisheries.

-The Deschutes River originates at Little Lava Lake and then flows just short of eight and a half miles before it reaches the Crane Prairie Reservoir behind Crane Prairie Dam.

-The Crane Prairie Reservoir has a maximum depth of approximately 20 feet.

-The Crane Prairie reservoir and dam are named for the large amount of cranes that live and thrive in the area.

-The Crane Prairie Dam is located in Deschutes County.

-1992 saw Crane Prairie Dam’s spillway wall raised almost 10 feet. The purpose of this was to allow for maximum water discharge without allowing the top of the dam to be topped during a major flood.

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