Cougar Dam

Cougar Dam is located on the South Fork of the McKenzie River, somewhat east of the city of Eugene. This is a very cool and photogenic portion of the state of Oregon, so it can be a nice place to visit. If you like outdoor recreation, the area around Cougar Dam can help you there too.

Fun Facts About Cougar Dam

-Following construction, Cougar Dam opened in 1963.

-the total cost of construction of Cougar Dam was $54.2 million.

-Cougar Dam measures in at 519 feet tall.

-Cougar Dam is a rock fill embankment dam.

-Cougar Dam measures in at just under 1,500 feet in length.

-Cougar Dam has a power house with two generators and a power production capacity of 25 megawatts. These two generators were completed a year after the main dam was finished.

-The water backed up behind Cougar Dam is known as Cougar Reservoir.

-2005 saw a temperature control facility constructed at Cougar Dam. This new addition helps regulate water temperature before it is released below the dam in an attempt to reduce the negative effects on the migration of salmon.

-In 2010, the United States Army Corps of Engineers constructed a fish collection and sorting facility below the dam.

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