Cold Springs Dam

Located just a few miles north of Hermiston, the Cold Springs Dam is an essential part of the local landscape. It provides recreational opportunities, as well as plenty of irrigation water, to the locals who live, farm, and play there. The location is very unique too as it is extremely close to the larger and more famously dammed Columbia River. If you’re driving through the Hermiston area, check out Cold Springs Dam and the surrounding landscape.

Fun Facts About Cold Springs Dam

-Cold Springs Dam dates back to 1908.

-Cold Springs Dam sits on the Umatilla River and the water backed up behind it is known as the Cold Springs Reservoir.

-The Cold Springs Reservoir also includes water that makes up the Cold Springs National Wildlife Refuge.

-Cold Springs Dam measures in at 115 feet high.

-Cold Springs Dam is located in Umatilla County.

-Cold Springs Dam is an earthfill dam.

-The spillway at the Cold Springs Dam was replaced in the mid 1990s.

-Cold Springs Dam is operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Cold Springs Dam sits just three miles south of the Columbia River.

-Cold Springs Reservoir is actually filled through a diversion dam and canal, meaning that the water is stored off stream.

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