Brownlee Dam

Brownlee Dam sits on the Snake River in one of the most famous attractions in the region, Hells Canyon. Visiting there is a real treat because this part of the country has been found to be visually appealing for hundreds of years. If you go there, stop and see this interesting and remotely located dam. You also will definitely want to bring along your camera.

Fun Facts About Brownlee Dam

-After two years of construction, Brownlee Dam was completed in 1958.

-Brownlee Dam is an earth fill embankment dam.

-Brownlee Dam stretches across the Snake River and touches Baker County in Oregon and Washington County in Idaho.

-Brownlee Dam is operated by the Idaho Power Company.

-The powerhouse at Brownlee Dam contains five generators and can generate up to 585.4 megawatts.

-The water backed up behind Brownlee Dam is known as Brownlee Reservoir.

-Brownlee Reservoir stretches for 57 miles behind the dam.

-The small unincorporated town of Brownlee, the namesake of Brownlee Dam, is located just two miles behind it. This was the site of a long operating ferry on the Snake River for many years.

-Brownlee Dam does not have any fish passage facilities.

-Brownlee Dam is 1,097 feet in length.

-Brownlee Dam is home to four spillway gates.

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