Big Cliff Dam

Located in Western Oregon, Big Cliff Dam sits on the North Santiam River. This is another beautiful part of the state and a visit to it and the surrounding area can be a great experience. Detroit is located just upstream and that helps make this a fun place to head to any time you find yourself in the Willamette Valley.

Fun Facts About Big Cliff Dam

-Construction began on Big Cliff Dam in 1949 and it was finished in 1953.

-Big Cliff Dam is a concrete dam.

-Big Cliff Dam was constructed at the very same time as Detroit Dam which is located just 2.7 river miles upstream.

-Big Cliff Dam stretches across the North Santiam River and touches both Linn County and Marion County.

-The water backed up behind Big Cliff Dam is officially known as Big Cliff Reservoir, but is mostly known as Big Cliff Lake.

-The water level at Big Cliff Lake, behind Big Cliff Dam, can fluctuate up to 24 feet in a day.

-The hydroelectric powerhouse at Big Cliff Dam can generate up to 18 megawatts of power.

-Big Cliff Dam sits at river mile 45 of the North Santiam River. It is about 45 miles southeast of Salem, Oregon.

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