Applegate Dam

Located southwest of Medford in Oregon, Applegate Dam is one of the region’s newer dams but has quickly proven to be of great value. It is located on the Applegate River and is responsible for recreation opportunities on the water behind it. The area surrounding Applegate Dam is beautiful in its own way and very easily accessible too.

Fun Facts About Applegate Dam

-The building of Applegate Dam was first authorized by the United States Congress in 1962.

-Applegate Dam was not completed until 1980.

-One of the main purposes for the construction of Applegate Dam was as flood control. It also had a secondary purpose of storing water for irrigation and recreation.

-Applegate Dam measures in at 1,300 feet in length.

-Applegate Dam is 242 feet high.

-The water behind Applegate Dam is known as Applegate Lake.

-Applegate Lake stretches for 4.6 miles behind the dam.

-Water in Applegate Lake has a residence time of approximately seven months from the time it enters until the time it passes through Applegate Dam.

-The very small town of Copper, which amounted to just a few buildings, was inundated with the rising water behind Applegate Dam.

-Applegate Dam, as well as the river and lake that share that name, are named for Lindsay Applegate, who in 1848 led a party of settlers through this part of, what would later be Oregon, on the way to mining operations in California.

-Applegate Lake behind Applegate Dam is stocked each year with a wide variety of fish.

-Several attempts at converting Applegate Dam into a hydroelectric producing facility have come and gone over the years.

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