Yellowtail Dam

Yellowtail Dam is located in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and is a very cool attraction to check out. To get there you would travel south of Billings onto the Crow Indian Reservation. The recreation area behind the dam is gorgeous and a fun place to go. It is also very scenic in that part of the state, just above the border with Wyoming, and its part of the region that many people never get to see.

Fun Facts About Yellowtail Dam

-Yellowtail Dam opened for use in 1967. Construction had begun on the project in 1961.

-Yellowtail Dam is located in Big Horn County, Montana.

-The cost of construction of Yellowtail Dam was $110 million.

-Yellowtail Dam is owned and operated by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

-Yellowtail Dam is a concrete arch style dam.

-Yellowtail Dam sits on the Bighorn River and the water backed up behind it is known as Bighorn Lake.

-Yellowtail Dam measures in at 525 feet high.

-Yellowtail Dam has a length of 1,480 feet.

-At its base at the river bottom, Yellowtail Dam is 148 feet wide. It tapers up and is 22 feet wide at the top.

-Yellowtail Dam has two spillway gates.

-Yellowtail Dam is home to four power producing turbine generators.

-The powerplant at Yellowtail Dam has a power producing capacity of 250 megawatts.

-Yellowtail Dam is named after Robert Yellowtail who was chairman of the Crow tribe during the 1940s.

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